Your guide to purchasing printed resealable plastic bags

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 12:49 pm

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the decisions that go into the purchasing process for printed resealable plastic bags?

Resealable Printed Bags

img_0060 resealable - ziplock pouch-resized-600You’re not alone. Between the materials, ink colors, printing colors, printing images and pictures, not to mention the additional options available, the varieties are endless. We decided that a summary of some of the many options available for printed resealable plastic bags and a few hints to use when purchasing your bags.

  • There are many types of plastic materials and additives that resealable bags can be produced with; FDA approved film for use in packaging food, EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), additives for strength and freezing, anti-static materials, low density or high density polyethylene, and polypropylene, just to name a few.
  • Printed resealable plastic bags are also available in many film colors, with the option for clear to see your products inside. Process printing up to 10 colors brings your package to life on the shelf and will turn heads at the retail stores. Any image or picture can be printed on your reclosable bag to ensure your bags will be noticed and your company’s name and logo will be remembered.
  • Structural options for resealable plastic bags include bottom gussets, tamper evident seals, hang-holes, vent-holes, inno-lock, and peal and seal.

Six hints to consider when purchasing printed resealable plastic bags:

  1. Choose the correct thickness (mil) and film structure for your specific product application.
  2. Design your print to be large and vibrant so it can be read easily from a distance.
  3. Print on both sides of the bag (it’s no extra cost).
  4. Make sure your bag is large enough to hold your product but not over-sized and baggy.
  5. Be sure that the material is the right match for your product so your package can handle the weight of your product. Remember that if your bag rips your product could be damaged.
  6. Frozen products require freezer grade polyethylene or the film will become brittle and crack.

So the next time you are purchasing your printed resealable plastic bags, think of it as an opportunity to be creative and original with the wide selection of options. You are limited only by your own imagination!