Why pellet fuel companies should use pallet covers

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 1:59 pm

Storage of Pellet Fuel is very important.

Once wet, the compressed wood will swell, soak up the water and become unusable in your pellet stove. You’ll have a bag of very heavy sawdust. Wet pellets are attractive to insects, they tend to make homes in the pellets which can ruin the pellets and reduce the effectiveness.

Wet pellets are also a favorable breeding ground for mold and other similar species. In order to avoid mold and insects, the product would need to be protected.

It is very important to keep wood pellets protected from the environment. One way is to keep wood pellets off the ground and on pallets and then using clear pallet covers to protect them. A pallet cover can be designed to fit every possible load size. Pallet covers also can have UVI (ultraviolet inhibitors) which prolong the life of pallet covers when exposed to lengthy periods of sunlight. An additional protective barrier can be stretch hood film, which provides weather resistance, load retention, puncture resistance, and the ability to stretch and be the pallet cover. Stretch Wrap also provides outstanding coverage and enhanced protection with each wrap making it stronger and stronger. Stretch Wraps also can also have UVI protection like pallet covers can.

Not only will a pallet cover keep your product protected they also act as instant advertising. Printed pallet covers are a great way to advertise your company information while in transportation or storage areas.

Please contact us for additional information on how to keep your pellets safe from harsh weather.

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