Stand Up Pouches Are Becoming More Popular

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 1:15 pm

reclosable-ziplock-pouchesIn the packaging world, Stand Up Pouches and Re-Closable Pouches are becoming more popular due to the numerous benefits they provide.

Stand Up Pouches and Re-closable Pouches can be an excellent option for a variety of packaging requirements including, but not limited to, food items (rice, seafood, flour, grain, pasta, cereal, granola, etc), health food items, coffee and tea products, beverage mixes such as chocolate powders, pet food, bird food, pet treats, and non-food items such as grass seed, Tobacco, and healthcare products.

These popular, versatile, and attractive pouches provide the following advantages:

  • Laminations of multiple layers of film… Polyethylene to polyester, polyethylene to nylon, and polyethylene to metalized PET, and more.
  • Fresh products and increased shelf life
  • Superior strength
  • Protective barriers to moisture, odor, and air
  • High visibility with plenty of space for brand building
  • Eye-popping graphics with custom printing
  • Custom sizing to meet specific packaging needs
  • Customer appeal and aesthetic appeal for retail display
  • Ease of use and ideal for storage
  • Convenience with specialty features such as re-closable zippers, tear notches, hang holes, or die-cut handles

With so many benefits, Stand Up Pouches and Re-closable Pouches make the perfect package for a vast array of applications. It’s no wonder these pouches are growing in popularity!