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The Right Pouch for the Job

Stand Up Pouches

pouch packagingOur goal is to help you stand out from the crowd — and that’s exactly what our popular and versatile stand-up pouches do. Your customers will find pouch packaging attractive, easy to use, and ideal for storage, providing excellent barriers to moisture, odor, and air. pouch packagingUsed for food packaging, garden products, pet food, and many other consumer goods, printed stand-up pouches give you plenty of space for brand building and an aesthetic appeal for retail displays. Tri-Cor’s stand-up pouch packaging is made from a variety of laminated films and is available in many sizes, colors, and thicknesses for your specific product needs. We can also produce them with a number of special features such as heavy-duty zip locks, tear notches, hang holes, or die-cut handles.

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Reclosable/Ziplock Pouches

pouch packagingThese days, many consumers want pouch bags with the convenience of reclosable zippers, so Tri-Cor offers a wide array of premium reclosable pouch packaging products. Available in a multitude of laminated structures offering high barrier properties, impressive appearance, and superior strength, these resealable zipper pouches come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Tri-Cor’s industry-leading 10-color print capabilities mean that your products can have the eye-popping graphics you need in the crowded retail display environment.

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Velcro® brand PRESS-LOK

Hook and loop fasteners can be used in a wide range of packaging applications. The easy aligning hooks engage without precise line-up, the absolute in user-friendly touch closure. The PRESS-LOK closure is secure with excellent burst strength, a great alternative to zipper and slide fasteners.

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Flat Pouches

Versatility is vital when you’re deciding which pouch is best for your food products, pet products, or other retail offerings. What size, colors, and thickness are best? Should you use a laminated pouch or metalized film? Do you need heavy-duty zip locks, tear notches, or hang holes? Moisture barriers for freshness? Tri-Cor’s flat pouches give you the widest range of choices that extend shelf life as well as brand recognition.

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