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Long-Life Laminated Packaging Solutions

laminated-rollstock-2Variety and sophisticated production capabilities make Tri-Cor one of the leading laminated packaging providers. Our solventless lamination techniques are designed to minimize environmental impact.

Whether you’re seeking to bond PET (polyester), OPP (oriented polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), BMPET (biaxially metalized polyester) or other papers and coated films, you can apply our lamination processes to rollstock, stand-up pouches and flat pouches.

img_0065_rollstock_pouches copyBy trapping the ink between two films, Tri-Cor lamination gives you graphics that stay sharp and avoid scratches to ensure long life for your package. Tri-Cor has 10-color printing capabilities and works with you to design your rollstock or pouches with branding graphics for excellent shelf appeal. Laminations can be customized in specific sizes and are available with Inno-lok®, ziplock, tear-notch, and carry handle features.

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