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Heavy Duty Films, Bags, & FFS Rollstock

For Products that Demand Heavy-Duty Packaging Performance

heavy-duty packagingYour products deserve packaging that helps them look great and perform even better. Tri-Cor’s extensive heavy-duty product line includes side weld, side gussets, die-cut handle, bottom seal open mouth, and form fill & seal rollstock.

Whether you sell items like wood pellets, decorative stone, or insulation, or need heavy-duty ice melt bags, fertilizer bags, or chemical bags, our rugged packaging is manufactured with high-strength coextruded films, making the items sturdy enough to endure even the roughest handling while shipping.

Attention-getting graphics printed in up to 10 colors — a Tri-Cor hallmark — can embellish your bags or roll stock while they reinforce your brand and attract more customers. Contact us today for more information or to start your order.

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