Polyethylene 101: All About Construction and Agricultural “C&A” Sheeting

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Construction & Agricultural Sheeting, known as C & A sheeting, is a polyethylene sheeting designed for general purpose construction, agricultural, and industrial usage. Whether you need all-weather protection for indoor or outdoor storage; rot, mold, and mildew resistance; protection from moisture, grease, and oil; or a barrier against solvents, acids, or alkalis, C&A industrial sheeting is tough, flexible, lightweight and easy to handle. The following are all the details you’ve ever wanted to know about C&A sheeting.

Basic Uses:

Used in a wide variety of applications. Polyethylene provides an excellent vapor barrier for the protection of concrete slabs and foundations. Proper placement of polyethylene sheeting in walls during construction can almost completely prevent ambient air and moisture infiltration into homes and buildings, thus increasing their energy efficiency. Agricultural applications (black sheeting only) include retention of soil moisture, inhibition of weed growth, and coverage of pit and trench silos for inexpensive storage.


Specification covers both black and clear 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 mil sizes. Most common widths include 10′,12′ 18′, 20′,24′,28′, 30′ and 40′.

Life Expectancy:

Clear polyethylene sheeting is not recommended for greenhouse use or any other application involving long-term exposure to sunlight. Black sheeting is recommended for applications not exceeding 90 days of sunlight exposure. Special additives are available at request for extended outdoor applications up to 2 years.

Shelf Life:

Polyethylene sheeting has a shelf life of approximately 2 years if not exposed to sunlight or extreme heat.


Due to variety of resins and additives available, it is often difficult to bond two pieces of film together. Two adhesives that have proven to be successful in the past are Universal Adhesives’ Spray Adhesive and DURO All Purpose Spray Adhesive distributed by Loctite Corporation.

Temperature Range:

Usable range for LDPE has been defined as -60 °F to 150 °F.


This sheeting is rated as a Class 4- LDPE for recycling purposes.

Additional limitations may or may not apply depending on the specific application and product. An experienced and knowledgeable salesman can help answer any other questions. Contact us at sales@tri-cor.com or visit www.tri-cor.com.

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