Pallet Covers

Posted by on Thu, Sep 14th, 2017 at 8:01 pm

Plastic pallet covers serve as a necessary protectant for various types of products. They ensure that said products and shipments are well protected from the exterior elements, while helping to reduce damage to shipments and prevent displaced loads.

Plastic pallet covers can have all or some of the following properties:

  • flexible
  • moisture and UVI resistant
  • anti-static
  • crack-resistant
  • shrink and non-shrink
  • variable slip levels
  • customizable print and a variety of colors
  • flame retardant
  • biodegradable

All of our products can be specifically tailored to your exact specifications regarding size, thickness, and any of the above properties.

Our versatile covers reduce packaging and shipping costs and also help your company to go green by reducing the carbon footprint.

These pallet covers are manufactured using a variety of customized resin formulas that will suit your application needs in mono-layer and co-extrusion of multiple layers. Co-extruded covers can be produced in two different colors, such as white on the outside and black inside. Co-ex covers offer a unique benefit of heat build-up reduction and UV light inhibition to reduce moisture in an outdoor storage environment.

Printed pallet covers offer your company immediate brand recognition. Essentially free advertising!

The possibilities of uses for pallet covers are endless, but here are a few industries we currently supply that utilize these covers to protect their products:

Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Resin, Powdered products, Masonry & building supply and Lawn and Garden.

Plastic pallet covers are designed in a manner to fit over a loaded pallet and wrap around the products. If you so choose, pallet covers may also be used for shrink applications where the polyethylene film is heated, which ‘shrinks’ around the products for a tighter fit.

Our friendly and very knowledgeable staff will work with to provide you with an end product of the highest quality, at a competitive rate. Contact us today for a quote! (We can also provide your business with samples)