Olympic Packaging and Branding

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Who doesn’t love a fairytale; just over a year ago millions of Americans watched as Kate Middleton became a Princess. Now the year of the Royal Wedding has officially been taken over by The Queen’s Jubilee and The World Olympics transforming England yet again into this magical place where fairytales do come true. It is the year of England 2.0!

Companies are taking advantage of American’s interest, by using the Olympic and Jubilee themes throughout their packaging. It’s almost impossible to make your way through the supermarket without seeing some type of Olympic packaging.

“There are two key opportunities that the 2012 Olympics bring to the packaging industry. First, sustainable packaging; London presented sustainability as part of its successful bid. What better opportunity than this to demonstrate the green credentials of so many of our modern packaging products and materials? Second is an increased sale through brand association using the Olympic motif. Clearly defined packaging using the Olympic motif will appeal to a mix of cultures and nationalities.”

– Nick Kirby, managing director, Swanline Print

The London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, has stated that all non-recyclable Olympic packages must be either combustible or incinerated for energy generation, as part of an effort to send no waste to landfills during the games. 8,250 tons of food and packaging waste is estimated to be generated by the 2012 Olympic Games. Coca Cola has committed to recycle their used plastic bottles from the games into new packaging.

coca cola box-resized-600

McDonald’s is making all of their cups, cutlery, straws, lids and containers used at its Olympic park restaurant made from biopolymer containing vegetable starches and oils which is biodegradable through composting They are also putting QR codes on all food packaging sold at its Olympics Park venue during the Games to give customers access to nutritional information about its products.


Coca Cola and McDonald’s arn’t the only supporters of the 2012 Olympic Games. Here are a few more of my favorite Olympic packages. You may notice a trend, very regal and very patriotic!

harbio gummy bears
gillete raxor-resized-600