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Meeting Rigorous Pharmaceutical Packaging Requirements
Pharmaceuticals_1_SMPharmaceutical packaging presents a unique set of challenges. Every pharma company — even individual products — can have different requirements, while dealing with an extensive set of mandatory Food and Drug Administration (FDA) packaging regulations.

To get the job done effectively, on budget and on time, Tri-Cor will work closely with you and your team on each specific product situation and deliver a customized solution that fits your most rigorous requirements.

pills_lgFor example, based on your detailed specifications, we’ll engineer box and pail liners that provide your products with maximum protection; create impervious moisture barrier bulk bags for product transportation or storage; or produce polyethylene film and bag products to meet your most meticulous requirements.

Tri-Cor’s wide-ranging pharmaceutical capabilities also include:

  • Industry-leading quality certification, CoA & CoC
  • Specific formulations for pharmaceutical and nutritional products
  • DMF certified raw materials
  • FDA-approved resins

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