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Delivering Satisfaction to Your Furniture Customers
stretch wrapIn the furniture business you know that each item must arrive to your customer in pristine condition, so keeping your products dry, clean, and fully protected is an absolute must. Tri-Cor provides furniture packaging that’s engineered to exceed your performance expectations. Our stretch wrap will keep your furniture protected. 

Tri-Cor’s industrial stretch wrap high-strength films and packaging can prevent damage from the bumps and bruises that inevitably occur during shipping and delivery. With Tri-Cor’s furniture covers, your furniture arrives as expected and your buyers stay satisfied. Furniture packaging material is great for all kinds of items. Check out the list of things stretch wrap is good for below:

  • Food Related
  • Construction/Building Products
  • Pet Food
  • Chemical
  • Agricultural
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Furniture
  • Additional Markets

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