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The Best Choice for Retail Food Packaging
Food packagingIn today’s retail food market, great packaging makes a tremendous difference in your product sales. Tri-Cor is the leading food packaging company because we understand your needs. You want the broadest selection of packages; you want packages that grab more attention — and more customers — because they feature the highest quality graphics; and you want packaging engineered and designed to give you the longest possible shelf life. Check out our food packaging selection below:

  • Retail Food Packaging Supplies
  • Frozen Food Packaging Supplies
  • Commercial Food Packaging Supplies
  • And more!

Our selection is second to none; our printing capabilities speaks for themselves; our films and laminations are designed with protection and shelf life in mind; and our retail packaging gives you such user-friendly features as reclosable zippers, stand-up pouches, and other great features. Only depend on one of the best food packaging suppliers for all your needs.

Going beyond retail, our industrial bags and box liners protect your product by providing strength and durability along with moisture and oxygen barriers specific to your product requirement.

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Meat & Poultry

In the meat and poultry markets, freshness is key. The fresher your products, the greater the demand — and the greater the product loyalty and long-term sales success. At Tri-Cor, we’ve got your meat and poultry products covered with everything from standard liners and co-extruded bags to gas flush bags and modified atmosphere food packaging. We offer a remarkable range of resin formulas, including hexene, super hexene, and metalocene, all designed to increase the strength of your packaging while they prevent puncture of your liner. We’re also happy to create new, innovative formulations that will give you the best product for your specific meat and poultry needs.

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Packaging seafood is a special challenge. Whether you’re packaging fresh or frozen seafood, your packaging needs to provide protection, maintain freshness, and attract the eye of sophisticated consumers. For bulk seafood packers in need of box liners and retail packers looking for the highest quality printed frozen seafood bags and pouches, Tri-Cor has the right solution for your specific packaging challenge. From concept to design to delivery, we understand your needs and apply our extensive experience and industry knowledge. You get the highest quality, best-looking packaging products, with printing that speaks for itself using attention-getting graphics in up to 10 colors for exceptional consumer appeal. From stand-up zipper pouches to laminated rollstock, food packaging boxes and more, Tri-Cor makes sure your customers get the best possible brand experience.

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Snack & Dry Foods

When you’re marketing quality snack foods and other dry foods, attractive packaging is half the battle. To really bring your product to life on those crowded shelves, Tri-Cor makes the difference with exceptional industry-leading 10-color printing capabilities. What’s more, our comprehensive line of shelf life-extending packaging options, including reclosable pouches and bags, means that Tri-Cor packages keep your product fresh and fully protected. The result? Your customers will keep coming back for more.

We can handle all of your food packaging needs. Please call our office for more information today!

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