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Shrink Film

The Tough Protection of Shrink Film

Shrink Bundling Films

shrink-bundling-film-2Offering superior coverage and unsurpassed strength as well as extraordinary toughness and puncture resistance, our films are designed to run smoothly on semi and fully automatic, horizontal, form fill and seal shrink wrappers, high-speed sleeve wrappers, and automated tray formers. Effective for shrink wrapping products of all shapes and sizes in individual tray packs, multipack configurations, or unsupported packs, Tri-Cor shrink bundling film is the perfect choice for industrial applications including food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care and more.

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Shrink Boat Film

Shrink Boat Film2Boat manufacturers can stop worrying about critters and harsh weather because Tri-Cor’s heavy-duty shrink boat film provides the high-grade protection these expensive items need to keep them in clean, optimum conditions. Available in blue, white, or clear; in 5 mil to 10 mil thicknesses and in widths of 14 to 40 feet, these films are produced with UVI protection and can be used to protect any large item that is exposed to heat, cold or other damaging conditions.

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Shrink Pallet Covers

ShrinkPalletCover-2Completely eliminating the need for pallet wrap or banding — that’s the idea behind Tri-Cor shrink pallet covers. Providing excellent protection against dust and moisture while securing your goods to the pallet, our shrink pallet covers provide tamper resistance, weatherproofing and added protection from damage during shipping and outside storage. Tri-Cor shrink pallet covers can be easily transported on an open flat bed and are custom manufactured to properly fit your product load. They are available with UVI and can be printed with your corporate logo to enhance your company or product branding.

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