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Protective Slip Sheets

Keep your product safe with Tri-Cor’s protective slip sheets for pallets

Protective slip sheets are used as a layer for skid and pallet protection, a divider sheet for packaged skids as well as a top and bottom cover sheet, and replacing fiber slip sheets for pallets. The plastic slip sheet is made from recycled materials. This type of product’s material allows for greater non-tear strength and an increased number of uses in cold and humid environments.

Plastic slip sheets for pallets allow you to move packaged goods for less. You will be able to ship more products, in less space, and reduce overall freight costs associated with packaging. Our protective, plastic industrial slip sheets for pallets are designed to keep your product well protected. 

We can help you understand the difference between plastic slip sheets and solid fiber slip sheets by giving us a call. Our staff is always glad to assist you with any questions that you may have. Our slip sheets are made to hold up! Give us a call to find out how Tri-Cor’s plastic slip sheets can help you and your pallet!

Key Advantages of Slip Sheets:

  • Long durability, lightweight, hygienic
  • High strength, tear, and puncture resistance
  • Non-Slippery surface
  • Can be stored and used in all humid environments
  • Space-saving, waterproof, environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily cuts in any size and shape
  • Reusable, sustainable, and 100% recycled content
protective slip sheets for pallets
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