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Polyethylene Tubing, Film & Sheeting

The Right Sheet, Film & Tubing for the Job

C & A “Construction & Agricultural Sheeting”

construction-agricultural-sheeting-2Let’s say you have a construction or agricultural project that requires 40-foot-wide industrial sheeting that’s 10 mil thick. When you have that kind of challenging sheeting need, it’s time to call Tri-Cor. Select from a full line of clear or black polyethylene sheeting in four, six, eight and 10 mil thicknesses, and widths ranging from six feet to 40 feet. Whether you need all-weather protection for indoor or outdoor storage; rot, mold, and mildew resistance; protection from moisture, grease, and oil; or a barrier against solvents, acids, or alkalis, our industrial sheeting is tough, flexible, lightweight and easy to handle.

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Agricultural Film/ Mulch Film

agriculture-and-mulch-filmNot only do these agricultural polyethylene films act as an effective vapor and UV barrier, they also drastically improve moisture retention, weed control, and temperature. Our Ag and Mulch films can also be produced using either degradable or biodegradable material. We offer films with a wide range of options:

  • Embossing (taffeta, diamond and more)
  • Perforations
  • UV resistance
  • Choice of color, width and thickness
  • Coex white/black

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Printed Tubing, Film & Sheeting

printed-tubing-film-and-sheWhether you’re printing your company’s logo or providing users with product descriptions and instructions, we have the know-how and the technology to exceed your expectations. Tri-Cor printed products are available in sizes ranging from one inch up to 140 inches for a wide range of packaging options. Our printed tubing, film, and sheeting products can be used in both hand-packing operations and fully automated machine applications.

In addition to the options described above, Tri-Cor also supplies top sheets, cut sheets, bun film, and a wide range of other sheeting and film options.

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