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Pallet Covers for Industrial Packaging

Tri-Cor Has You Covered

Printed Pallet Covers

industrial packagingTri-Cor has solutions for your printed pallet cover needs that provide the highest level of protection while they enhance your corporate image and help you build your brand Available as side gusseted, u-fold or m-fold top gusseted covers, they are designed to fit every possible load size. Harsh weather? No problem. Our shrink pallet covers are as strong as stretch film with the added benefit of rain protection, while our ultraviolet inhibitor prolongs the life of the covers when exposed to lengthy periods of sunlight. Printed pallet covers take advantage of Tri-Cor’s unmatched design expertise and bold, sharp printing quality.

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Lumber Covers

industrial packagingTri-Cor’s lumber covers ward off the elements during outdoor storage and industry shipping and are produced with UV inhibitors and low slip surfaces. Available in numerous film colors and as both monolayer and co-extruded products, our lumber covers are tailored to your exact load dimensions. And with our array of printing capabilities, your lumber covers can reinforce your company’s image and communicate product descriptions, instructions and other messages.

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Stretch Hood Film

Tired of using a combination of stretch wrap, strapping, and flimsy pallet covers every time you need to protect product from the elements? Tri-Cor has a better solution. We offer a stretch hood film that provides high-grade weather resistance, excellent load retention, puncture resistance, and stretchability — not to mention printing capabilities on all sides. Our stretch hood film can be customized to give you low, medium or high stretchability, based on your specific requirements. Tri-Cor stretch hood films are an excellent choice for industrial packaging applications such as:


industrial packagingBricks and pavers

Bagged chemicals

Pellet fuel

Wood flooring

Roofing materials

Cement bags

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Shrink Pallet Covers

industrial packagingCompletely eliminating the need for pallet wrap or banding — that’s the idea behind Tri-Cor shrink pallet covers. Providing excellent protection against dust and moisture while securing your goods to the pallet, our shrink pallet covers provide tamper resistance, weatherproofing, and added protection from damage during shipping and outside storage. Tri-Cor shrink pallet covers can be easily transported on an open flatbed and are custom manufactured to properly fit your product load. They are available with UVI and can be printed with your corporate logo to enhance your company or product branding. We have tons of packaging products to fit your market or service needs. Please call for more information.

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