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Industrial Bags

Flexible, Durable Bags for Every Application

Gas Flush Bags/Modified Atmosphere Packaging

industrial bagsIf you produce meats, spices, cheeses, or other perishable products, the atmosphere and composition of your packaging materials are key to maintaining appealing flavor, aroma, and shelf life. Gas flushing and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) means changing a package’s internal atmosphere to maintain freshness and improve shelf life. Tri-Cor has created a wide range of customizable gas flush, industrial packaging bags, and MAP bags that keep perishables fresh and flavorful. All plastic gas flush bags are processed from a pinhole-free co-extruded film, which provides excellent moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide barriers for better product protection. Our gas flush and MAP bags are compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Sections 7.12 and 7.13.

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Co-Extruded Bags

When you need intensive product protection, it’s time to turn to Tri-Cor co-extruded plastic bags for packaging. Bonding two, three, or more film layers together during the extrusion process gives real advantages over standard polyethylene. Co-extruded bags are much harder to tear — even under demanding conditions — resisting wear and punctures during shipping and helping to decrease your packaging costs through down-gauging your film. They provide excellent oxygen, odor, and moisture barriers, abrasion resistance, sealing, impact resistance, and improved machinability. Custom heavy-duty formulations are available for sale with different internal and external surface slip levels to aid in the loading and stacking of your business’s products.

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Sideweld Bags

industrial bagsTri-Cor’s extensive line of sideweld bags are exceptionally strong, but they offer more than just added strength. Almost infinitely customizable, our sidewelds can be configured with lips, backflips, bottom gussets, or die-cut holes among your many options. With Tri-Cor’s durable polyethylene and polypropylene sideweld bags, you can also apply eye-catching, photo-quality graphics using our industry-leading 10-color printing technology. Sideweld bags are ideal for a lot of applications across numerous industries.

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Anti-static Bags

industrial bagsIn the packaging industry, static can be simply an annoyance — or it can be a serious problem. Many items, such as electronic products or parts, computer workstation dust covers, and tool bags, are prone to damage from electrostatic discharge. Tri-Cor’s custom antistatic bags reduce the static charge while limiting dust accumulation and irritating shocks.

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Biodegradable Poly Bags

industrial bagsTri-Cor makes it easy to go green with an innovative line of biodegradable bags and films. Made from materials that decompose under specific light, moisture, and oxygen conditions, Tri-Cor biodegradable poly bags ensure that your packaging products are genuinely earth-friendly while meeting the rigorous demands of your product applications. Our biodegradable bags and films are offered in many sizes and make use of Tri-Cor’s industry-leading commercial printing capabilities.

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Printed Bags

industrial bagsTri-Cor offers both randomly printed and registered printed bags for a host of industrial applications including courier bags, hospital waste, fabric shipping, product shipping, and more. Our industry-leading printing capabilities mean that your bags can highlight your brand using exciting graphics and a wide variety of attractive film colors, on one or both sides. An economical alternative to advertising, printed bags can be a distinctive way to significantly increase the visibility of your products and your company.

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Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Bags

industrial bagsCorrosion is a concern for many products, especially those containing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Tri-Cor has helped customers slow down the corrosion process and extend the life of their metal products by packaging them using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) bags and films. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process blends the VCI directly into the polyethylene film. VCI industrial packaging bags are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from tubing to gusseted and non-gusseted bags.

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