Coffee Packaging Valve

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 6:25 pm

Tri-Cor introduces the Phantom Valve

There’s a trick somewhere but you can’t see it

Phantom is for a controlled release of gasses. Particularly recommended for coffee beans and powder. Phantom is available both in rolls or bags.


  • Phantom is an invisible unidirectional valve which can be made on laminates for food and chemicals packaging.
  • Thanks to a controlled release of oxygen, carbon dioxide or steam. This system prevents explosion or swelling of packs for those products that generate gas after packaging.
  • These elements make the application of Phantom particularly recommended for coffee, pet food, cheese and fresh products.
  • Phantom can be made on any kind of laminated film and can be supplied both in rolls or bags.

Marketing Benefits:

  • Phantom is made straight in rolls therefore there is no need for adjusting packaging machinery
  • Barrier effect to external gasses and moisture thanks to its one way permeability
phantom valve
phantom valve 2