Can the packaging of a product matter more than what is inside?

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 3:21 pm

Can the packaging of a product matter more than what is inside?

I gravitate towards the candy bag with the mouth watering picture of chocolate on the front, the decedent truffles that seem to pop off the packaging right at me. My daughter, she isn’t as interested in how this guilty pleasure is calling my name, she is reaching for the bright colored skittles rainbow on the second shelf.

Of course the demographics of a truffle and a skittle are different, and these companies knew just how to catch the right person’s attention. Interestingly enough I like skittles more than I like chocolate, so can the packaging of a product matter more than what is inside?

Why do we spend so much time wrapping Christmas presents, only to rip it off? Does the presentation of your present make the surprise inside better? In reality no, a piece of coal, is a piece of coal, is a piece of coal, but waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all those beautiful packages makes the experience more enjoyable. Does this theory work with our shopping experience, I believe it does.

The fact that a packages simplistic purpose is to hold a product, very well may be its secondary goal. The way I see it, a package is created to sell a product. Now don’t get me wrong the consumer is smart, while the fancy product may catch their eye first that doesn’t mean it will keep it. The consumer wants to know what they are buying, they want to know the features and benefits, and this all needs to be incorporated into the packaging.

When we choose one product over another the design and packaging influence our decision a lot more than we realize. For a products packaging to be an effective marketing tool it may need to break away from the standard rules we are used to, and give the product a unique edge above the competition. Your packaging needs to appeal to your target market, while still giving the pertinent information about the product and its benefits.

“In a conveyance store, if a theater-style package is next to a peg bag, the peg bags will outsell”-Jessica Miller, purchaser with MarKan Sales, “A hanging bag is much more visual. You can see how much product you’ll get for the price you’re paying”

The stand-up pouch is giving iconic American snack foods an entirely new shelf presence. Traditional packages lay flat, and are easily lost in a sea of flat packages, by simply standing the package up you instantly display your name and logo at eye level, and show the amount of product in your package. The convenience to the consumer is often the re-closeable top as well, this allows the consumer to save the product and keep it fresh longer.

If I am going on a long car ride, to me the ideal solution would be to bring snacks that can be closed and my daughter won’t be able to make a mess with in my car, after the initial decision based on the packaging I read over the ingredients and nutrional information and make my choice. So my purchasing decision is not only based on the product, but also the packaging. Innovative packaging solutions will give you a step up from the competition.