10 Innovative Bag & Packaging Concepts

Posted by on Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 at 3:05 pm

What’s in that bag? I ponder this question as I’m walking through the mall and notice a women’s bright red shopping bag with the word SALE written across it. I knew that color, and I liked that word even more! Macy’s here I came!

Look how easily a simple bag got me to turn around and head to a different store. I thought it would be interesting to find 10 different types of bags and packaging that caught my eye!

1. The Red Cross always needs volunteers, what a great way to promote a blood drive! By thinking outside the box, or bag in this case you will catch people’s attention not just where you advertise (i.e. billboard, internet) but where your consumer takes your packaging with them.

red cross bag-resized-600

2. LuLulemon offers a reusable tote bag, with inspirational messages on it. I use these bags all the time, as an overnight bag, a grocery bag, a beach tote! And no this isn’t a .99 cent add-on this really is their shopping bags.


3. More and more companies are packaging their products in resealable stand-up pouches. It keeps your product fresh longer, and looks great on display cases. How easy the bag is to use is part of M&M’s advertising! I took this picture at my local grocery store, you can see the brand names on these packages are easily viewable where as the traditional packaging is not.


4. Nostalgic packaging make us long for the past, we associate the packaging with a period or place with a joyful personal recollection. Not only do these vintage designs have novelty-appeal, they also promote the brands as timeless, which is a powerful statement.


5. Yes I am guilty of using the internet and text acronyms lol and omg. If you are not a wine connoisseur, which I am not, you may find yourself shopping based on the creativity of the bottle. Why not try txtwine!


6. I’m drawn to packages with a matte finish. I had to think about this one for a while, because I really didn’t know why. It seemed more natural, even healthier, I’m associating how a product is made, its ingredients, how good it is for me based on whether it packaging is glossy or matte? It seems silly when I say it, but this is exactly what I was doing.

matte finish-resized-600

7. Dailys Margaritas. Could it get any easier than this! It’s the grown up version of the spout pouch. Stock your freezer with tasty Daily’s Frozen Margaritas and you will always be ready for an impromptu fiesta, all I need now is some chips and salsa!


8. Plum Organics baby food pouch and dispensing spoon by Boon. Spout pouches are not just ideal for moms feeding newborns they are great for the kids too. Juice, yogurt, oatmeal, apple sauce, all of these kid favs that tend to make a big mess are now packaged with recloseable spouts on top. So it’s a bottle you can squeeze, basically yes, except the spout pouch is easier to store, and easier for transport. So let’s see if the spout pouch replaces the bottle.


9. Puma’s sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes. Puma’s clever little bag will replace their retail bags and shoes boxes. New shoes and a new bag what more could a woman ask for!


10. I’ve seen the resealable stickers on baby wipes and my makeup remover clothes but It wasn’t often I saw it on my food. It’s definitely a great way to keep foods that are packaged in trays fresh longer.


Let us know your favorite innovative packaging!