Pallet Covers

Plastic pallet covers serve as a necessary protectant for various types of products. They ensure that said products and shipments are well protected from the exterior elements, while helping to reduce damage to shipments and prevent displaced loads.

Plastic pallet covers can have all or some of the following properties:


moisture and UVI resistant



shrink and non-shrink

variable slip levels

customizable print and a variety of colors

flame retardant



All of our products can be specifically tailored to your exact specifications regarding size, thickness, and any of the above properties.

Our versatile covers reduce packaging and shipping costs and also help your company to go green by reducing the carbon footprint.

These pallet covers are manufactured using a variety of customized resin formulas that will suit your application needs in mono-layer and co-extrusion of multiple layers. Co-extruded covers can be produced in two different colors, such as white on the outside and black inside. Co-ex covers offer a unique benefit of heat build-up reduction and UV light inhibition to reduce moisture in an outdoor storage environment.

Printed pallet covers offer your company immediate brand recognition. Essentially free advertising!

The possibilities of uses for pallet covers are endless, but here are a few industries we currently supply that utilize these covers to protect their products:

Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Resin, Powdered products, Masonry & building supply and Lawn and Garden.

Plastic pallet covers are designed in a manner to fit over a loaded pallet and wrap around the products. If you so choose, pallet covers may also be used for shrink applications where the polyethylene film is heated, which ‘shrinks’ around the products for a tighter fit.

Our friendly and very knowledgeable staff will work with to provide you with an end product of the highest quality, at a competitive rate. Contact us today for a quote! (We can also provide your business with samples)




Hurricane Harvey Impacts Resin

Hurricane Harvey has had an unprecedented impact on the Texas Gulf Coast. This has caused an immediate supply disruption on materials coming from that region. Over 50% of North America’s ethylene capacity is down at this point in time, creating a supply chain disruption unlike any we have seen before. In addition, as you may be aware, our plastic resin moves primarily by rail cars; which have been halted in the area at this time. Our suppliers and the railroads will begin making assessments of their infrastructure as soon as they are able to do so. These suppliers are also trying to locate and assemble their work forces.

Tri-Cor is monitoring this situation as it continues to unfold, realizing that it could further deteriorate. We are working closely with our suppliers and carriers to continually assess the situation.  We will strive to maintain operational continuity as much as possible and minimize service disruptions to our customers.

We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to deal with this challenging situation.

Wholesale Sandbags

Tri-Cor’s 1600-hour UV stabilized woven sandbags are an inexpensive and durable solution for flood and erosion control, as well as highway barrier and construction applications. Attached UV tie strings provide a secure closure on all of our stock sandbags. We stock millions of sandbags nationwide, and can ship immediately. Whether your customer needs a bale or a truckload – we can help!



Size             Model

14 x 26          White 800 Denier / NO UV
14 x 26          White 850 Denier 1600 HR UV
14 x 26          Green 850 Denier 1600 HR UV
14 x 26          Orange 850 Denier 1600 HR UV
15 x 27           White 850 Denier 1600 HR UV
15 x 27           Green 850 Denier 1600 HR UV
17 x 27           White 850 Denier 1600 HR UV Hem Top
18 x 30          White 850 Denier 1600 HR UV Hem Top
18 x 30          Orange 850 Denier 1600 HR UV Hem Top
11 x 39           Sand Tube w/ Cuffed Liners – 1600 HR UV – No Ties


Protecting Your Property From Harsh Weather

When harsh weather impacts a property, the damages can be catastrophic. Without erosion protection, many property owners are in danger of taking a loss on their estate’s value.  With sandbags you never have to worry about any of that. We are a sandbag supply company that proudly offers services throughout the US.  Whether you need sandbags, or bulk bags you can count on us to take care of your needs. We have a wide range of stock sand bags in many shapes and sizes. Our sand bags are manufactured from 100% natural Jute fiber.

Contact us today for your sandbag needs!




A bag isn’t just a bag….

Most commonly known as “Bulk Bags” – We refer to our superior product as “UltraSack”

Maximize your business’ profitability, safety, and sustainability with our quality products!

FIBC’s (flexible intermediate bulk container) are highly cost effective
-Lower handling costs means no dead weight with secondary packaging
-Lower storage costs
-Maximize space in your storage facility

Flexibility and versatility to accommodate your needs
-A variety of fill and empty options
-We hold stock that can be shipped in 2 days
-We can also customize!
-Printing and design capabilities – Promote and advertise your brand

-These products are recyclable and/or reusable
-Minimize landfill costs and waste
-Reduce footprint

UltraSacks lessen the opportunity for contamination

Extremely durable

Ideal for virtually any free-flowing granule, powder, pellet or flake.

Our UltraSacks are FIBCA approved


How to Measure for a Gusseted Pallet Cover

Looking to figure out what size pallet cover you need? – It’s easy!

The first step is knowing the dimensions of your pallet (or load size).  Then simply follow these steps:

  1. Pallet Width + 2” = Cover Width
  2. Pallet Depth + 2” = Cover Depth (or Gusset)
  3. Pallet Length (Height) + ½ of Pallet Depth + 4” = Cover Length

Note:  Depth is the shorter of the 2 sides

Measuring for pallet cover


Pallet/Load Size:   40”W  x  36”D  x  50”L

  1. Cover Width:  40” + 2” =  42”
  2. Cover Depth:  36” + 2” =  38”
  3. Cover Length:  50” + 18” (½ of Pallet Depth) + 4” = 72”

PALLET COVER SIZE:   42”W  x  38”D (Gusset)  x  72”L

Pallet cover


If you need any help, we are always here to assist you! Call us toll-free at 866-940-2247.

Article by: Lindsay Mitchell



Pallet Covers


No matter what type of product you are trying to protect, pallet covers are used to cover pallet loads and help protect them from elements such as water, dust, dirt and UV rays.  Pallet covers also help protect  your product from any damage that can occur during shipping and storage.

Pallet covers are tailored to your exact load dimensions and are available as side gusseted, U-fold, or M-fold top gusseted.


The best part about pallet covers is that they can be custom printed with your company name, logo, product description, or any other message you desire.  You get to advertise your company name and logo at the same time you are protecting your product!  Printed pallet covers come in numerous different film colors with high-quality print up to four colors!




  • Keeps your product protected from harsh weather
  • Helps prevent vandalism and theft
  • Company advertising and brand exposure

Article by: Lindsay Mitchell

Top Sheeting

What is a top sheet?

A top sheet is a plastic film “Polyethylene”, usually 1 to 4 mil thick, that is applied to the top of a pallet load.  It can be applied manually or with an automated top sheet dispensing machine.

A top sheet is generally used in conjunction with stretch film.  With the top sheet draped over all 4 sides of the load, it is wrapped in stretch film, locking the top sheet in place.  This provides added protection to stretch wrapped pallets by helping to keep the top of the pallet clean and dry during shipping and storage.

Benefits to using top sheeting include:

  • UV Resistance
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Dust Protection
  • Moisture Protection

Advertising is another major advantage to using top sheets.  Many companies have their top sheeting printed with their company name and logo for name recognition.  It is an inexpensive way to get your company’s name seen by end-users in stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Please click here to see how Wulftec’s fully automated top sheet machine works.

Article by: Lindsay Mitchell